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Beanbag filling: Top quality filling for more comfort

Discover the best beanbag filling for ultimate comfort. Our FlexiPearl filling provides an unparalleled seating experience. Order now and feel the difference!

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The best beanbag filling for ultimate comfort

If you are looking for the best beanbag filling that will make your beanbag look like new again, then Sit&Joy is the right place for you.

FlexiPearl beanbag filling guarantees an unparalleled seating experience. Whether you want to breathe new life into an old beanbag or are simply looking for an upgrade, this beanbag filling offers the comfort you are looking for.

Why choose FlexiPearl beanbag filling?

FlexiPearl filling is specially designed for the ultimate seating experience. It adapts to your body and provides unprecedented support and comfort. Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie or just relaxing, our beanbag filling ensures that you are always comfortable.

The FlexiPearl beanbag filling is also suitable for outdoor use. The special pearls do not absorb moisture. Read everything about outdoor use here.

In addition, the beanbag filling is supplied with the FlexiPearl® EasyFill system. This is a nylon bag with filling tunnel. This filling tunnel has a filling zipper that fits all Sit&Joy and Puffi beanbags. This makes it easy to fill the beanbag yourself.

Even if your beanbag does not have a connecting zipper, the filling tunnel comes in handy. You can dose the beanbag filling better and put the filling tunnel further into the beanbag so that you spill less.

FlexiPearl® Original - The best beanbag filling

The durable FlexiPearl® Original beanbag filling is made to last, keeping your beanbag comfortable for years to come. The unique structure of the pearls provides unprecedented comfort.

FlexiPearl® Original beanbag filling consists of new round white pearls. The air chamber of each pearl is intact and is therefore extra resilient. D

A beanbag ordered from Sit&Joy is filled with FlexiPearl® Original. So that your new beanbag is filled with the best filling available.

FlexiPearl® Recycled - Environmentally friendly beanbag filling

The environmentally friendly beanbag filling FlexiPearl® Recycled is made from 100% recycled EPS.

FlexiPearl® Recycled will lose its shape and strength sooner than FlexiPearl® Original. This is because the air chamber of the beads is no longer always intact due to the recycling process. This makes the pearls less resilient and FlexiPearl® Recycled is a bit dustier.

Because we try to recycle as much as possible ourselves, we offer FlexiPearl® Recycled as a loose beanbag filling to refill your existing beanbag.

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How do you fill a beanbag?

Filling a beanbag can be a challenge, but with the FlexiPearl® EasyFill system it becomes a piece of cake:

  1. Choose a spacious, clean place to work. You will always spill something.
  2. Carefully open the beanbag filling and zip it to the zipper of the beanbag cover.
  3. Lift the filling and let the beads flow gently into the beanbag.
  4. Shake the beanbag regularly to distribute the beanbag filling evenly.
  5. Add more beanbag filling if necessary for desired comfort level.

Discover everything about filling a beanbag, including video.

Why Sit&Joy?

At Sit&Joy we understand what is important in a beanbag. Comfort, durability and style are our top priorities. Our products are designed with you in mind, so you can always enjoy the ultimate in comfort. Choose Sit&Joy and experience the difference yourself.

We have all the beanbags in stock ourselves, which is why our warehouse contains enormous silos filled with billions of beads for the beanbag filling. This means we can ship your order the same working day.