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Looking for a quality beanbag that combines comfort and style? Discover the Sit&Joy beanbags made of water-repellent fabric and experience the ultimate in seating comfort.

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Beanbag 'Senza' Brown
Beanbag 'Senza' Pink
Beanbag 'Senza' Orange
Beanbag 'Senza' Navy Blue
Beanbag 'Senza' Aqua
Beanbag 'Senza' Lime
Beanbag 'Sofa' Pink
Beanbag 'Sofa' Lime
Beanbag 'Sofa' Anthracite
Beanbag 'Sofa' Red
Beanbag 'Sofa' Taupe
Beanbag 'Sofa' Aqua
Beanbag 'Relax' Lime
Beanbag 'Relax' Red
Beanbag 'Relax' Black
Beanbag 'Relax' Taupe
Beanbag 'Relax' Aqua
Beanbag 'Relax' Anthracite
Beanbag 'Relax' Pink
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Red
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Taupe
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Anthracite
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Black
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Lime
Kids Beanbag 'Lounge' Pink
Beanbag 'Lounge' Taupe
Beanbag 'Lounge' Anthracite
Beanbag 'Lounge' Lime
Beanbag 'Lounge' Black
Beanbag 'Lounge' Pink
Beanbag 'Lounge' Red
Beanbag 'Largo' Orange
Beanbag 'Largo' Pink
Beanbag 'Largo' Black
Beanbag 'Largo' Red
Beanbag 'Largo' Aqua
Beanbag 'Largo' Lime
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Mustard
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Terracotta
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Mint Blue
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Old Green
Beanbag Chair 'Grandio' Lime
Beanbag Chair 'Grandio' Aqua
Beanbag Chair 'Grandio' Pink
Beanbag Chair 'Grandio' Red
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Old Green
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Terracotta
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Mustard
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Mint Blue
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Mustard
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Mint Blue

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A beanbag from Sit&Joy: ultimate comfort

When you think of beanbags, you think of ultimate comfort and a stylish addition to your interior. Sit&Joy offers an extensive range of high-quality beanbags that fit perfectly in any type of interior or garden. Whether you want to create a cozy corner in your living room, are looking for an extra seating area for your games room or want to set up a cozy corner in your garden; a beanbag from Sit&Joy meets all your wishes.

Why choose a beanbag from Sit&Joy?

Beanbags are a trendy and comfortable addition to your home and also offer several benefits:

Sit&Joy beanbags are made of water-repellent fabric and suitable for outdoor use. The beanbags can be used for various purposes. From an extra seat during a movie night to a comfortable lounger outside in the sun, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to the FlexiPearl filling, beanbags adapt perfectly to your body, giving you unprecedented comfort. Sit&Joy beanbags are available in various colors and styles, so there is always a beanbag that suits your interior.

Beanbag filled with FlexiPearl® pearls

FlexiPearl beanbag filling is specially designed for the ultimate seating experience. It adapts to your body and provides unprecedented support and comfort. Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie or just relaxing, our beanbag filling ensures that you are always comfortable.

The FlexiPearl beanbag filling is also suitable for outdoor use. The special pearls do not absorb moisture.

Different types of beanbags

Sit&Joy offers a wide range of beanbags. All beanbags are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Basic Collection: Beautiful and stylish beanbags that fit into any interior.
  • Duo Collection: Beanbags made of two different colors of water-repellent fabric.
  • Premium Collection: For those looking for that little bit of extra luxury and comfort.

Find your perfect beanbag

For beanbags: the bigger the better! But of course a huge beanbag does not always fit in every interior. The precise dimensions of each beanbag are stated on the product page.

Traditional beanbag

The traditional beanbag is like a large cushion. This beanbag offers the most options. Whether you want to lie down or sit, everything is possible with a traditional beanbag. Shake up the beanbag, place it in the desired position and relax.

You can lay the beanbag flat so that it forms a bed and you can lounge on it. Or place the beanbag upright and sit in it, the beanbag then forms like a chair.

Beanbag with backrest

A beanbag with a backrest has the advantage that you can immediately collapse on it. You do not have to put the beanbag in the correct position. It's no problem to relax in this beanbag, but you won't be able to lie down.

A beanbag with a backrest is also widely used by gamers. See also our collection of gaming beanbags.

Beanbag with back and armrest

Beanbags with back and armrest have a more active sitting position. The backrest is upright and the armrests prevent you from slumping.

Really slumping or lying down is not possible with this beanbag. But for having a good conversation or reading a book, a beanbag with armrest is ideal.

Why Sit&Joy?

At Sit&Joy we understand what is important in a beanbag. Comfort, durability and style are our top priorities. Our products are designed with you in mind, so you can always enjoy the ultimate in comfort. Choose Sit&Joy and experience the difference yourself.

We have all the beanbags in stock ourselves, which is why our warehouse contains enormous silos filled with billions of beads for the beanbag filling. This means we can ship your order the same working day.