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  • bacon Polyester (Water Repellent)

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Sit&Joy Tutti: A cushion or a beanbag?

Compact and stylish: the Tutti beanbag fits perfectly in any home. This small version is ideal for use as a meditation cushion or back support.

The size is also perfect for the children's room. This way you can quickly create a relaxing place to do homework or play games with friends.

The Tutti is available in twelve different colors, including navy blue, lime and orange. Combine different colors for a unique lounge area!

Water-repellent fabric: Suitable for indoors and outdoors

The polyester fabric specially developed by Sit&Joy is water-repellent and double-stitched. This makes the Basic collection also very suitable for outdoor use. We recommend storing the beanbag dry when not in use. This extends the lifespan and entitles you to the warranty. But if the beanbag does get wet, fortunately this is not a problem!

The water-repellent fabric also makes cleaning easy. A cloth and mild soap will remove all stains!

Basic Collection: Combine and create the ultimate lounge spot

The Basic collection from Sit&Joy offers a versatile color palette with 12 different shades. This range includes both vibrant, bold colors and subtle, calming tones.

Give your space a personal touch with Sit&Joy bean bags from the Basic collection, available in 12 attractive colours. For a unique and stylish lounge area, combine these bean bags with other products from the same collection.

Grandio, Dolce, Senza, Largo, Rondo, Tutti.

Supplied with the best beanbag filling: FlexiPearl® Original

This pillow comes with FlexiPearl® Original filling. These are new, dust-free and resilient white beads specially designed for bean bags and cushions. The pillow will be sent to you filled.


star Model Pillow
bolt Brand Sit&Joy ®
cloud-sun Use Indoor & Outdoor
palette Color Red
box-open Packaging 40 x 40 x 50 cm
bacon Material Polyester (Water Repellent)
weight-scale Weight 3 kg
filter Filling FlexiPearl® Original
filter Contents 50 L
ruler Total length 72 cm
ruler-horizontal Total width 72 cm
ruler-vertical Total height 15 cm



Questions about this beanbag?

We are happy to answer all your questions

What is this beanbag filled with?


The Sit&Joy beanbags are filled with FlexiPearl® Original pearls. Where a normal beanbag soon starts to lose its strength and shape due to age and wear, FlexiPearl lasts longer!

FlexiPearl® Original are new, clean and dust-free white pearls. In addition, FlexiPearl has the advantage that the filling does not absorb water. This makes FlexiPearl better suited for outdoor use compared to other beanbag fillings.

Note: Some manufacturers fill their beanbags with recycled EPS beads. This seems durable, but unfortunately these pearls last 2-3 times as short. This is because the air chamber of the pearls has been chopped. Recycled pearls are also not dust-free.

awesomeicons6/solid/filter Read more about the differences in beanbag filling.

Do I have to fill this beanbag myself?


This depends on what is stated at the bottom of the description. Some beanbags are too large to be sent filled in one box.

Filling the beanbag yourself is easy with the FlexiPearl® Easy Fill System.

Tip: Depending on how tightly you want to fill the beanbag, you will usually have extra pearls left over. You can use these beads to refill the beanbag later.

awesomeicons6/solid/filter Discover how to fill a Sit&Joy beanbag without making a mess.

Can this beanbag be left outside?


No beanbag can be left outside all year round. This outdoor beanbag cannot be left outside all year round.

Fortunately, it is not a problem if this beanbag gets wet. Due to the water-repellent fabric, the beanbag does not absorb water. Make sure that the beanbag dries as quickly as possible afterwards, because the double-stitched seams are not 100% waterproof.

When you are not using the beanbag, we recommend that you store the beanbag in a dry place and do not leave it outside. If you leave the beanbag outside all summer, the warranty will be void.

awesomeicons6/solid/cloud-sun Everything about our water-repellent covers and outdoor use.

How long does this beanbag last?


The Sit&Joy covers are extra sturdy and double stitched. These will last for many years with normal use.

The filling of EPS beads will collapse over time. This strongly depends on how often the beanbag is used. Most beanbags need to be refilled with extra beads after 3-5 years.

awesomeicons6/solid/filter Read more about refilling your beanbag.

How do I maintain and clean this beanbag?


Stains in the beanbag cover can be easily removed with a wet cloth and mild soap. Just rub gently and the stain will disappear.

awesomeicons6/solid/spray-can-sparkles View the detailed maintenance instructions.

What if I order the wrong beanbag?


No problem. You can always return the beanbag. In most cases we will pay the return costs.

Tip: Place the full-size beanbag in your house or garden. Click on the AR 360° icon below the product image. This way you can be sure whether the beanbag fits in your interior.

awesomeicons6/solid/truck-ramp-box Read everything about returns here.

How do I choose the right size beanbag?


For beanbags: the bigger the better! But of course a huge beanbag does not always fit in every interior. Therefore, place the full-size beanbag in your house or garden. Click on the AR 360° icon below the product image. This way you can be sure whether the beanbag fits in your interior.

{{icon "awesomeicons6/solid/ruler-combined" width=18 height=18} } More about the sizes and types of beanbags.

Did you know…?

  • 100 liters of FlexiPearl® Original contains approximately 1,000,000 beads?
  • These balls are also called pearls?
  • There are silos in our warehouse containing no fewer than 3,000,000,000 pearls?
  • We don't hope that these silos will ever burst open?
  • That's why we also double stitch our beanbags and use high-quality materials?