Duo Collection

Beanbags: Duo Collection - For Indoor & Outdoor

Each beanbag has two different colors: hence the name Duo. The beanbags are suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to the water-repellent fabric. A unique collection of beanbags.

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Beanbag 'Duo Largo' Mint Blue
Beanbag 'Duo Largo' Mustard
Beanbag 'Duo Largo' Old Green
Beanbag 'Duo Largo' Terracotta
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Mint Blue
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Mustard
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Old Green
Beanbag 'Duo Senza' Terracotta
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Mint Blue
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Mustard
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Old Green
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Extra' Terracotta
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Big' Mint Blue
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Big' Mustard
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Big' Old Green
Pouf 'Duo Rondo Big' Terracotta
Pouf 'Duo Rondo' Mint Blue
Pouf 'Duo Rondo' Mustard
Pouf 'Duo Rondo' Old Green
Pouf 'Duo Rondo' Terracotta
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Mint Blue
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Mustard
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Old Green
Pillow 'Duo Tutti' Terracotta
Pillow 'Duo Rolly' Mint Blue
Pillow 'Duo Rolly' Mustard
Pillow 'Duo Rolly' Old Green
Pillow 'Duo Rolly' Terracotta

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The Duo collection: beanbags for every interior

The Duo collection is not just a collection of beanbags; it is a statement of comfort and style for both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the unique two-sided color combination, each beanbag from this collection fits effortlessly into various interior styles.

The beanbags are made of water-repellent fabric, so they can not only find a place indoors, but are also perfect for outdoors. Whether you want to create a cozy reading corner, need extra seating for your garden parties or simply want to enjoy the ultimate comfort: the Duo collection offers it all.

Why choose the Duo collection?

  • Versatility: Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Stylish: Two-sided color combination for every style.
  • Comfort: Designed for optimal seating comfort.
  • Easy to maintain: Water-repellent and easy-to-clean fabric.

A beanbag for every occasion

Whether you're planning a movie night with friends or a relaxing afternoon in the garden, a beanbag from the Duo collection is your best companion. Here are some ways you can use these versatile beanbags:

Use the beanbag as an extra seat. Ideal when you have guests over. Or create a cozy reading corner with several beanbags. But don't forget to take your beanbag outside when the sun is shining and enjoy the rays.

Beanbag filled with FlexiPearl® pearls

FlexiPearl beanbag filling is specially designed for the ultimate seating experience. It adapts to your body and provides unprecedented support and comfort. Whether you are reading a book, watching a movie or just relaxing, our beanbag filling ensures that you are always comfortable.

The FlexiPearl beanbag filling is also suitable for outdoor use. The special pearls do not absorb moisture.

Your comfort, our priority

At Sit&Joy we understand that comfort goes hand in hand with quality. That is why our beanbags from the Duo collection are designed and manufactured with the greatest care. Not only do we offer four beautiful colors, but we also ensure that every beanbag meets our high quality standards. This way we guarantee that you can enjoy your beanbag for years to come, both indoors and outdoors.

Order your beanbag today at Sit&Joy

Discover the Duo collection today and transform your living space with the perfect combination of style, comfort and versatility. Whether you are looking for a beanbag for your living room, bedroom, garden or balcony, the Duo collection has something for everyone.