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Inexpensive beanbags from Puffi®

Looking for an affordable and original beanbag? Then choose a beanbag from the Puffi brand. A beanbag as the beanbag was once intended, those are the beanbags from Puffi.

Available in 8 cheerful colors and made of water-repellent material.

Puffi: ideal for fairs, festivals and beach tents

We have designed these beanbags as an economical choice for fairs, festivals and beach tents, among others. But of course Puffi beanbags are also very suitable for your home or garden.

The beanbags from the Puffi brand do not contain brand labels on the beanbag. Just a Puffi key ring. You can easily replace this with a key ring or tag of your own brand. Super handy for fairs, festivals and beach bars.

Are you ordering more than 5 beanbags at the same time? Then you will receive a nice discount from us.

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The difference between a Puffi and a Sit&Joy beanbag

Puffi is the second brand of the Sit&Joy quality brand. The quality of the Puffi beanbags is just as good, but some concessions have been made to make the beanbag more affordable.

The beanbags have been made a few centimeters smaller. This means less fabric is needed and also less beanbag filling. The water-repellent fabric is slightly less thick. A Puffi beanbag also has different zippers than a comparable beanbag from Sit&Joy.

Is a Puffi beanbag of inferior quality? Absolutely not. If you compare a Puffi with other brands, this Puffi beanbag is an excellent and affordable choice.

If you really want a premium beanbag, choose a Sit&Joy beanbag. But are you looking for an affordable beanbag? Then a Puffi beanbag is definitely worth considering because of its price!